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June 16, 2020
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Are Front Pocket Wallets Simply Better?

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There are very few things which do not occasionally undergoing some kind of improvement or revamping. Wallet designs which have remained mostly unchanged for decades are going through a period of reinvention these days. For many men their front pocket wallets have replaced the standard types and there is no going back.

As the name implies these are designed to fit perfectly in the front pants pocket. The most obvious benefit is quicker access. It is much easier to reach down than it is to constantly reach behind to grab money or a credit card.

The Benefits of Front Pocket Wallets

Some men see them as offering better security. After all, it is easier to notice what goes on in front of you or beside you. With traditional wallets, many unsuspecting persons have lost their personal items after what appeared to be a simple bump.

Most men like a neat look when wearing dress pants or slacks. Standard money holders often create an obvious bulge. With front pocket wallets this will never be an issue.

This bulge also makes sitting down a bit of a problem as well. It is not unusual to see a man remove his billfold and put it in his front pocket before sitting down. Sitting on it can also cause bank cards to become bent and unusable.

A Variety of Styles

They are more than just a departure from the typical look. Manufacturers do put some thought into making them more than just functional pieces. As such they come in different colors and materials, and a range of attractive designs as well.

Leather is generally the material of choice. It is popular because it is so easily crafted and it is relatively inexpensive considering its durability. Hand stitched types with embossed logos and text tend to be among the most expensive.

Many of them are built with windows to display IDs. Some have windows for driver's license to fit perfectly inside. This can be on the outside or inside depending on the style.

If added security is important to you, front pocket wallets with chains might be worth considering. The chain has a clasp on the end that attaches to the pants loop. This is becoming increasingly popular among travellers who are sometimes at increased risk from pickpockets.

The super slim front pocket wallets add an extra touch of convenience to these already handy accessories. For their size they are usually capable of holding as much as the old standard types. In fact many first time users are usually surprised by this fact.

There are also tougher types made from aluminium or other metals. Colorful and shiny, they are often fashion statements onto themselves. No wonder some men choose to own more than one to match their look of the day.

If the look is important most manufacturers are committed to offering as many options as possible. Aside from different colors there are many patterns which just about anyone will find attractive. You can find any style from wood grain pattern to a simple plaid design.

Many types of front pocket wallets are made with the idea that cash and cards are not the only thing we carry around. Some types have zippered pockets built in for loose change so men can avoid having noisy coins jingling in their pockets. Some of them even have compartments for small items like guitar picks and even cell phones.

While conventional wallets will not disappear from the male fashion, the front pocket wallets are here to stay. The makers of these items seem focused on increasing the range of options available to men everywhere.


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