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June 5, 2020
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A Look at the Police Officer Career Ladder

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What Are The Levels Of A Police Officer? There a quite a few different levels of a police officer, starting with cadet. Then the list for police officers goes up from there. This list includes uniformed officer to detective, to corporal. Then it finishes with sergeant, lieutenant and captain.

There are also other levels of police officer. The sections of FBI, Homeland Security, Fish and Game as well as others include police officers. The levels may differ in any government sector as opposed to local levels. This is in addition to the levels that are currently listed.

How Are Promotions Handled?

Promotions are handled by one of two things: time in service or by merit. Most police officers are promoted from three to six months after they are hired, and then yearly on the date of beginning service. Each promotion is judged on both work done and merit during time served.

There are also other things to be considered as well. The quality of the officer under review is also considered. Demotions are also handled in the same way, with the consideration of time served and the particular regulation that has been broken.

What Are Time Limits On Promotions And Demotions?

To my knowledge there are no time limits on promotions or demotions. Each police department has their own set rules and regulations in regards to promotions and demotions. Each also has a set of rules and regulations in regards to handling any type of police affairs.

These rules must be strictly adhered to in order to keep the department going and running smoothly This helps keep internal affairs running smoothly so that the police can use their time more effectively to catch crooks of all kinds and put them in jail.

How Is The Job Security?

The job security is there but be aware that being a police officer is a very dangerous job. There is at least a fifty percent chance that you can be seriously hurt or even killed. With that being said, the job security is good, but a lot of people can be burned out doing this kind of work.

It takes a very special person to be able to handle police work. You will work in all types of weather and you will have a very physically demanding job. You will also have to have an iron stomach to bear the sights of the very worst that mankind can to other human beings.

Is It Really That Rough?

To be brutally honest and frank, yes it is. It is a tough road to follow being a police officer and only strong people survive at least one year with the force. In other police occupations such as government, you have to be strong mentally and physically to be able to keep up with the types of crime that go on in the governmental perspective.

It is not easy to become a police officer and attrition plays a big role in hiring. This is one of the toughest jobs on the planet, with little to no thanks and a lot of headaches. But that has not stopped people from becoming police officers. Those that fill out the uniform of police officer are a breed apart. They have to be, as the job is tough.

How Will I Step Up The Ladder?

Simply put, by hard work, dedication and sheer willpower. Those three things will get you through. Putting in your time will also help you to rise up the ladder in a police officer career. The time limit depends on the particular force that you are with. Some promote through seniority only in certain positions. To become senior, you must have the time in service in order to be promoted into the next level in your career.

This takes both time and patience on your part and a willingness to stick it out, no matter how long the process takes. That will serve you well to remember that by being a bit stubborn, you can actually stick it out and receive your promotion. Be aware that promotions will also be given by what you accomplish as well as time in service.

Take it one step at a time. This will help you advance to the highest levels in the police force. By taking education classes, you will double your worth to the police force and could be used on other assignments. This type of education will serve you.


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