Buckeye Protective Service inc

Security Solutions since 1944

In 1944, our father founded Buckeye Protective Service, Inc. with the safety of his family and community in mind. And sixty-eight years later we are still committed to providing quality and personalized security services to our clients. We will forever state, “If any of our clients have an issue that arises, they may notify any of our on-call management staff, which also includes the owners of our company 24 hours a day.” We will not just provide promises; we provide professional services and an unparalleled commitment to our clients.


Our management is dedicated to developing a personal relationship with each customer and formulating security strategies to protect their families, property, and employees. Our management staff is held to the highest standard. And have an excellent background in law enforcement, public relations, fire safety, and good common sense.


At Buckeye Protective Service, Inc. we base our professionalism on the fact that our operators are trained to respond to emergencies that could affect not only the health and safety of the public, but also the security of your family and/or property. We train our operators in proper demeanor, thus creating good company, employee, and security relationships.


We would welcome the opportunity to provide your security needs.


Sincerely,                                             Sincerely,


Richard L. Jacobsen                     Raymond E. Jones

Richard L. Jacobsen                             Raymond E. Jones

President                                              CEO