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Save time and money….with Candidate Direct.


Candidate Direct provides a powerful and easy way to run background checks on candidates.  A portal will be set up with all the background search tools directly integrated. With Candidate Direct, the candidates enter the data, and you receive the reports.


Set up within a few days

Results delivered quickly

Saves time by letting your search candidates enter their personal information



Easy to set up and use

Basic setup includes adding informational text, custom graphics, and selecting the type of searches

Results are easy to access and read



Candidates enter their personal information

Self-service workflow saves time

Eliminates time-consuming data gathering

Get the information you need to make the right decision



Fully Customizable

Custom branding to match the look of your own website

Uses standard or custom URL

Portal text, invitation emails, graphics, and layout are all customizable



Extensive background search offerings

Choose the products you need, from national criminal records to professional references

Define and save different combinations of search products as reusable templates

Uses Nation leading powerful search engines



Searches are password protected and sent via encrypted protocols

Candidate information is safe and secure

Self-Pay Option: With Candidate Direct, you have the option to include a self-pay model with your service.  With the self-pay option, the candidates pay for their own background check by credit card, which eliminates the cost of the search for you.  Our self-pay model is safe and secure, ensuring the utmost privacy when it comes to protecting candidate information.


The Candidate Direct Workflow…..


1.      Configuration of your portal and account

2.      You email links to candidates

3.      Candidates submit information

4.      You view reports

No more tedious data entry, and no more hassles gathering information from job candidates.  

Candidate Direct simplifies and streamlines the entire process