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Online Background Checks

We now offer the convenience of online background checks. 

Our customers can use Buckeye Protective's website to conveniently provide all the neccessary information to produce a comprehensive background report.

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Standard Background Checks

Buckeye Protective Service, Inc. can help you avoid liabilities and lawsuits from negligent hiring, negligent retention and violence in the workplace. We can perform any and all of the following public record searches:

  • Criminal Record Search
  • County Arrest Records
  • Workers Compensation
  • Education and Degree Verification
  • Credit Reports
  • Bureau of Motor Vehicles Drivers License
  • Vehicle Registrations
  • Current Employees
  • Social Security Number or Prior Residence Search

We can combine any background check service to create a custom report with the information you require for pre-employment screening.

Candidate Direct

Candidate Direct provides a powerful and easy way to run background checks on candidates. 

A portal will be set up with all the background search tools directly integrated. 

With Candidate Direct, the candidates enter the data, and you receive the reports. Learn More 

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